Rudyard Kipling once regarded India as the ‘Birthplace of Human Speech’; thanks to its multi-lingual culture and history where translation is a way of life and the amalgamation of languages & technology hold immense potential to boost the industrial as well as academic growth trajectory. However, many Language Service Providers (LSP) in India fail to excel in this art of adding the technical twist to linguistics, making language solution an incomprehensible and incomplete concept. Amidst them, Chennai-based Langscape Language Solutions stands tall as the baasha of this art, thanks to the great mix of linguistics, translation, technology, media and marketing communication approaches it has evolved over two decades of its existence.

While most don’t look beyond the outsourcing model, Langscape harnesses the power of experienced freelance translators (who are always ready for new tools) to fit into any type of projects, which sets it apart as a ‘freelancer community company’ and not a mere ‘freelancer database company’. “We are one of the oldest ‘modem’ agencies in India, born in the dot com era, helping local direct clients (such as Hyundai & the Daily Hunt) as well as reputed global LSPs (like SDL & Lionbridge) manage the multilingual localization projects for their clients (like Microsoft), primarily with Indian languages,” states Senthil Nathan, Founder, Langscape.

Interestingly, though Langscape has transformed itself as AI powered language company, it continues to work on the lines of a human powered LSP. “We’re reinventing ourselves to suit the needs of the digital marketing era on the communication side, and AI era on the tech side,” adds Senthil. Also excelling in original content development in many languages, Langscape is currently working on Machine Translation solutions for Indian languages through its Neural Machine Translation technology, which singles it out as one of the few Indian companies to work on computational linguistics and linguistic data development.

Its translators with the unique knack to understand the digital marketing domain and the cultural aspect of the target audience, are able to weave scalable and realistic marketing strategies and spread the clients’ message across multiple language domains and multiply their market exponentially. Moreover, they simplify the industrial jargon by localizing the clients’ apps and websites, including text & multimedia translation and cultural, marketing, social & legal adaptation, suitable for a diverse target market, harmonizing the clients’ needs with their expertise. “Our localization team is the perfect blend of translators, editors and technical experts who understand the nuances of language and technology, thereby managing localization economically & efficiently. And our post-project support never ends,” adds Senthil.

Originally hailed from media and publishing, Senthil brought his media experience in language industry and today, they have a unique set of people to work exclusively on media localization. With Google’s Adsense permitting Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and more languages very soon and Amazon supports Indic languages, Langscape offers domain specific solutions to media industry, including video producers.

Currently, the team is planning on releasing a tech platform for enabling easy localization of websites and apps for Indian and global languages through its package offers (Indian, global top 10, APAC & Eurozone package, among others). These packages will have human translation and CMS integrations built inside.

Langscape aims to partner with all tech & content companies in India in an integrations business model and help them reach Indian and global markets. “We have been a boutique agency with a sub-contracting model covering 100+ Indian and global languages and are now ready for a change. We have already launched our expansion plan to set up an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. By 2020, we plan on achieving a global footprint across ten more locations, with expertise in 300+ global languages,” concludes Senthil.

Courtesy: Silicon India’s special issue “20 Most Promising Translation Service Providers 2018”. March 2018